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It's time for the next step! Live shows with discussion panels coming!

Hello, we finally can officially confirm that our four live shows with discussion panels in Poland this Autumn will be called ‘Sounds Like Women x Wysokie Obcasy – sila glosu kobiet’. Massive thanks to the extremely popular in Poland women’s magazine wysokieobcasy [high heels] for being our media partner! 💪🤝📰📣🎵More details coming!!

Witamy! Mozemy oficjalnie potwierdzic, ze nasze koncerty z panelami eksperckimi jesienia beda zatytulowane ‘Sounds Like Women x Wysokie Obcasy – sila glosu kobiet’. Dziekujemy magazynowi wysokieobcasy za bycie naszym partnerem medialnym! 💪🤝📰 Szczegoly juz wkrotce!

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Sounds Like Women 'Without Violence & of all Colours' EP1 out in all digital shops!

All profit go to music expression workshops for women. 

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Sounds Like Women EP1 Release

The song 'Tell Me Why' ft. Ewelina Flinta promote Sounds Like Women 'Without Violence & of all Colours' written by Luiza Staniec/Ewelina Flinta




Agnieszka Chaber

Dagmara Alsztyniuk

Karolina Turska

Justyna Grundas

Paula Urban

Marta Zięba

Olga Fornalczyk

Ewa Dębecka

Dagmara Kuklewicz

Matylda Kopeć

Luiza Staniec-Moir

Ewelina Flinta

Directed & photographed by Wojciech Olszanka

Edited & post-producted by Krzysztof Palczewski

Produced by Ewelina Flinta / Wojciech Olszanka

Production assistant: Paweł A.

The songs 'Tell Me Why' was arranged, recorded & produced by Luiza Staniec-Moir

Making the video - clip for 'Tell Me Why' ft. Ewelina Flinta

Warsaw, February 2019

The project's journey so far in 5 min

Luiza & Grammy winning sound engineer Jacek Gawlowski just finished mixing the first EP material for SOUND SLIKE WOMEN project

Record producer Pip Williams speaks about music from Sounds Like Women

Sounds Like Women the first single 'Alone' ft. Ceyda

'Sounds Like Women'

Recently, Luiza is working on women empowering project. It's an album called 'Sounds Like Women', written and produced by her. The songs will be performed by female musicians at different stages of their careers, varied nationalities and backgrounds. Through the release of this album our aim is raising awareness of the pressing issues for women:

  • inequality, violence as well as race and nationality bias.
  • helping solve these issues by reaching people who could make a change through their organisations releasing our songs, especially written for the project needs. 
  • to empower women dealing with these issues in their lives.

More details coming soon.